Meet SEO Expert In Bangladesh Firoz Ahmad: Taste the Power of SEO

Are you swimming here and there in search of a reliable SEO expert? It seems that you are pretty aware of the importance of online presence. Yes, you must go for a website in this ever-expanding digital landscape, and there’s no alternative to search engine optimization (SEO) for the sake of your digital existence. 

In fact, in this digital era, SEO is the road to success. And an advance seo expert like Firoz Ahmad has the skills and tactics to unlock the full potential of organic search traffic.

Therefore the benefits of hiring an SEO expert are endless. To be more exact, it is a must. In this post, we will describe why and how he could be your most reliable SEO expert and how your business can benefit from him.

Firoz Ahmad: SEO Expert In Bangladesh.

Who Is An SEO Expert?

All About SEO Expert Responsibility. 

Now let us give you a clear idea of who should be called an SEO expert
  • Understanding of search engine algorithms
  • Doing keyword research 
  • Link-building
  • Optimizing websites (on-page and off-page)
  • Maximizing their presence on search engine result pages (SERPs), 
  • Sound knowledge regarding content creation and 
  • Managing targeted organic traffic

You would be glad to know that Mr. Firoz Ahmad possesses all of these necessary search engine-related skills and can help you improve your search engine rankings, engage prospects or leads, and above all, increase sales. This is what you always wanted, right? And that’s the reason he is one of the best seo expert in Bangladesh!

Firoz Ahmed: An SEO Expert of Expected Skill Set

The most desirable things you do expect in an SEO expert exist in Firoz Ahmed. This section will additionally help you understand why he is a demandable SEO expert in bd.

Keyword Research

A white hat seo expert must be adept in conducting in-depth keyword research. Expectedly, in order to align with a business’s target audience, he identifies the most consistent and high-performing keywords. This way, the prepared content gets optimized for utmost reach.

Technical Excellence

He can beautifully catch up on technical issues that become a barrier to search engine crawling and indexing and resolve them promptly. It is because he has a sound knowledge of the complexities of website architecture, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Link Building

He has developed a heavy-weight backlink profile in his six years carrier. And most importantly, his link-building strategies are ethical that help create high-quality backlinks. It will ensure that your website is authoritative and reliable.

Analytics and Reporting

He has befriended Google Analytics and other relevant analytical tools to provide you with the best solutions. He will surely – 

  • track your website performance 
  • analyze its user behavior
  • give significant insights 

For the sake of continuous improvement, this sort of expert is desirable.

On-Page Optimization

One of the most crucial things is onpage SEO. It demands several skills to optimize various on-page elements such as – 

  • Creating SEO-friendly URLs
  • Optimizing H1, H2, H3 & other tags based on keyword
  • Creating content cluster and improving content depth
  • Implementing structured data
  • Crafting compelling meta tags
Content Strategy

Despite being a local seo consultant, his content strategy is of global standard. At the same time, he remains up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and techniques. It is vital for an SEO boss to collaborate with content creators. It helps create engaging, informative, and keyword-rich content. Yes, this ensures both benefits – you get a good rank, and your content becomes target-audience friendly. He does the same!

Why Should Prospects Like You Prefer His Service

Ask yourself. Why do you invest? To get the expected return, right? Then it would help best if you invested money trusting Firoz Ahmed’s SEO service. As a topnotch local seo specialist in bangladesh, he will help you –

  • Understanding of search engine algorithms
  • Doing keyword research 
  • Link-building
  • Optimizing websites (on-page and off-page)
  • Maximizing their presence on search engine result pages (SERPs), 
  • Sound knowledge regarding content creation and 
  • Managing targeted organic traffic

Benefits of Hiring A Local SEO Expert Like Firoz Ahmad In BD

If you are a business trying to improve your online visibility and grab local customers, then hiring a local experienced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert like him can please you with several benefits.


Google My Business (GMB) Optimization

Optimizing GMB enhances your chances of appearing in the local pack and Google Maps results. As a top seo expert in bd, Firoz Ahmad will ensure it for you.


Targeted Optimization

In the online arena, you must have some target-specific geographical areas. Such a top local seo expert is fully able to optimize your website and online presence according to the areas you want.


Cost-Effective Marketing​

Despite being an advance SEO Expert in Dhaka, he is ready to serve you within a limited budget. He will provide you with a cost-effective marketing strategy that is witty enough to convert prospects and maximize your marketing budget.


Local Citations and Directories

There will be some reputable local websites served by some top white hat seo specialist in bd for sure. In that case, he can help you build proper citations and directory listings based on that.


Mobile Optimization

Local searches generally depend on their mobile devices or products or services. An intelligent local seo consultant like him will definitely count on this and optimize your website for mobile devices.


Localized Knowledge

Only such SEO mentor in Bangladesh can help boost your business in Bangladesh since they are good at realizing the preferences of the local customer base.


Analytics and Reporting

Being a professional local seo expert in bd he is excellent in measuring key metrics such as – 

  • website traffic
  • keyword rankings
  • online conversions, 
  • and customer engagement


Management of Online Reviews and Reputation

As a local expert, he can help you give feedback to customer reviews on all the online platforms like social media, Google, Yelp, etc.


Analytics & Insights for Smarter Marketing

As a seasoned marketing expert, he will help you navigate your –

  • Sales growth
  • Customer & location targeting
  • Industry trends, and 
  • Forecasting

Working Process

Why Should You Evaluate His Job Experience

Job appointment is a sign of reliance. When Mr. Firoz Ahmad was emerging as an SEO star providing effective solution one after another, he got noticed and hired for fixed formal responsibilities. Therefore he has served and has been serving as a global and local business seo expert in the following companies – 

SEO Executive

I Worked in SEOPage1 as a Technical SEO Expert. In that Mistime I have manage More then 20 Website. 

SEO Manager
Inflame Tech Limited,Dhaka, Bangladesh

Currently I am Working as SEO Manger in Inflame Tech LTD. I manage the whole Business Here. 

SEO Team Member
2021-Present( Part Time)
Label and Mint LTD, Sydney, Australia

This is an Australia Based IT company. I am working as an SEO Expert in part time remotely. I provide onsite SEO.

Apart from this, he is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Western SEO and it has been 2 years and 9 months! Hopefully, now you can realize how he honed his skills and different bodies or companies evaluated his expertise.

What My Clients Says

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“Firoz asks a lot of questions to get the job done. Knowledgeable and can perform well with some level of guidance. “


“Firoz Did a Genius Work in Ecommerce Keyword Research. We Got amazing Result after publishing Content.”

Matt Rubenstein

“MR Firoz Ahmad is Very Professional in SEO. Highly Recommended for any kind of SEO Job. My website organic users is increasing .”

Samuel Stevens

Firoz Ahmad as an SEO Trainer/ SEO Mentor

As an SEO trainer, Firoz Ahmad helps newcomers understand the core features of a well-optimized website. Thus they become able to create sustainable website visitors. Moreover, he enables them to get the user intent accordingly by utilizing keyword research insights. Also, he makes them familiar with the most popular search engines and marketplaces thoroughly and empowers them to learn on their own.

This way, his actionable advice on diy SEO improvement (Tutorial link) helps them reach their target customers.

Firoz Ahmad as an E-commerce SEO Expert

No matter you google Best E-commerce SEO Expert in Bangladesh or Advance White Hat E-commerce SEO Expert in Bangladesh, you will have his profile on the top list. It is not only with some bubbles but rather with a packet of testimonial. Let’s say you need a WIX SEO Optimization Expert in Bangladesh. Then, without any hesitation, just knock him. He has served several clients with WIX SEO.

Shopify online stores comprise SEO built in and features. So only a Shopify expert can assist you in optimizing your content. When you have an expert like him, you are free to fly! Till now, he has served 16/26 clients who own stores or sites in one of the best e-commerce stores – Shopify.  

This way, his actionable advice on diy SEO improvement (Tutorial link) helps them reach their target customers.

Firoz Ahmad As An Technical SEO Expert

If you want to improve organic rankings, then there’s no alternative to ensuring technical SEO. It’s all about website and server optimizations. Apart from optimizing a website for search engines, it comprises activities meant to improve user experience too such as –

  • Building an SEO-friendly site structure
  • Submitting your sitemap to Google

So let your website meet all the technical requirements of modern search engines like crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture with Firoz Ahmad. He will make your site easier for search engines to crawl, index, and render. Overall, the entire website architecture will remain up-to-date for the sake of expected existence. 

How Was The Journey to Becoming One of The Best SEO Experts in Bangladesh?

If you become a bit curious about an SEO specialist, you will see that an SEO Mentor in Bangladesh or any other country has a journey. He or She hasn’t become a mentor in a day. Similarly, Firoz Ahmad started working at Upwork back in back in 2016. Both local and global clients or prospects are there. So he got the opportunity to gain both local and international market experience from the very beginning of his SEO career. 

He always emphasized studying case studies and success stories for the sake of a relevant business. He faced lots of challenges, ups, and downs, incidents of honesty and fraud, frustration and rejoicing. However, nothing could divert him from his goal. 

He never had any institutional SEO training and workshop. He believed in his performance and experience. Gradually, he started having enthusiastic reviews which helped him achieve new clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Undoubtedly, Firoz Ahmad is one of the most reliable SEO experts in Bangladesh in terms of local and global SEO Market. 

Keyword research, social media efficiency, link-building strategy, critical thinking, data analysis, and willingness to learn the latest SEO trends and techniques- are the most important skills in this regard. These are a must for Bangladesh and beyond.

He or She must know Google Search Console adequately.

No, not at all! You can hire a top-notch SEO expert like Firoz Ahmad in a cost-effective way. 

The 4 most important pillars in SEO are – technical SEO, on-page SEO, content, and off-page SEO.

The 4 most important pillars in SEO are – technical SEO, on-page SEO, content, and off-page SEO.

Like some other top SEO experts, Firoz Ahmad recommends a minimum of 1000-1500 words for standard blog posts, 2000-3000 for long-form content and 300-500 for news posts or product pages. He thinks it is the rule of thumb for Bangladesh.

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